Jackie Rubbo of Yonkers Brewing Co.

Jackie Rubbo serves as Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Culture and Chaos at Yonkers Brewing Co. She?heads up the marketing, communications and events departments. She is also part of the sales team and a kitchen consultant. She attended Fordham University and currently resides in Scarsdale.?Jackie also loves to cook. Her best dish is her Yonkers Lager braised brisket.

Here’s how she makes it:

I first make a rub which includes salt, black pepper, white pepper, paprika, chili powder, cumin and a small dash of cinnamon. I cover the brisket in this then let it sit overnight. Next day I chop up some potatoes and onions, throw them in the crock pot, put the brisket in, pour our Yonkers Lager in and let it cook for a few hours.

Then crack open a Yonkers Lager and drink it with the brisket. YUM!

Jackie’s words of wisdom:

“The YWCA is an amazing organization and we are always happy to support them. As a woman, I have dealt with discrimination and if it weren’t for genuine people I surround myself with, this could have broken me. We need to start building people up – people of all colors, creeds and genders. Different doesn’t mean bad.”

Her secret to success is: “Personal development. It is easy to fall into the monotony of every day life. But when you constantly learn about ways to improve yourself, you continue to grow in your personal and professional life.”

When it comes to cooking, Jackie says, “There are no rules! Cooking is a stress reliever for me. I put on some Barry White, pour myself a glass of wine and invent something. I always use fresh ingredients, they taste better.”

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