Breast Cancer Awareness Month; National Poetry Day; Ghosts on Tape – Today, Oct. 8 in the 914

1.) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month where women are encourage to love and care for their bodies by checking in on their??breast health with an exam, as well as support those who do have breast cancer. Check out resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here.

To support your own health and others fighting the disease, try the following:

Or you can attend a local Breast Cancer Awareness event. Here’s a list of events from Westchester Magazine.

2.)?Happy National Poetry Day! Today is National Poetry Day’s 21st birthday where were celebrate the beauty and power of “poetry and all things poetical,” according to Forward Arts Foundation‘s website. Inspire your friend and family today by writing a poem and sharing it with the hashtags?#nationalpoetryday and #thinkofapoem.

Click here for an anthology of poems from Forward Arts Foundation and here for a list of American female poets and their poems.

3.)?Some well known sites in Westchester are haunted and crawling with ghosts, according to the Yonkers Ghost Investigators. Check out our spooky interview with them and the cool ghost recording and photos they shared with us here.

4.) Today’s headlines:

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