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Hi! Welcome to Westchester Woman and thanks for being here ❤️

Westchester Woman was started in 2015 to help inform, entertain, and empower women (and everyone else) in Westchester and the Tri-State area by sharing things we love and are learning.

This site is about joy, the beauty of humanity, and living our best lives.

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It’s also about, (in the words of Jimmy Lee), “gettin’ better baby!” Whether it’s spiritually, mentally, physically, or materially.

Here you will find lifestyle content; news; spotlight features; advice from women, experts, and local movers and shakers; content on health, sex, and wellness; DIY projects, organization tips, and how-tos; and things that will inspire you in the hopes that it will make your life better and all around more awesome.

[That is beautiful human Jimmy Lee. This man is a professional spreader of joy (IT’S A THING!) Need a pick me up? Watch this video and let Jimmy Lee give you a pep talk.)

Like Jimmy Lee, I hope Westchester Woman will help inspire you to be yourself, love yourself and your neighbors, and fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

Nice Things People Have Said About Westchester Woman in the Media…

“It’s a blend of serious and funny, for a mixed audience who have diverse interests ranging from DIY craft ideas to love and sex. She’s just what we all needed.” – Emma Westchester

theSkimm for Women of Westchester – Emma Westchester

My Favorite Westchester Bloggers – Emma Westchester

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Thank you for all of your support!

With love and gratitude,

Westchester Woman

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