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Hi, I’m Dina! Welcome to Westchester Woman and thanks for being here ❤️

I started Westchester Woman in 2015 to help inform, entertain, and empower women (and everyone else) in Westchester and the Tri-State area by sharing things I love and am learning.

My hope is that it might help you do the same or at least entertain you in some way, shape, or form.

That way we can all be like…

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… when we celebrate how awesome our lives are/going to be and how much we’ve grown/are growing.

This blog is about joy, the beauty of humanity, and (in the words of Jimmy Lee) gettin’ better baby.

That is beautiful human Jimmy LeeNeed a pick me up? Watch this video and let Jimmy Lee give you a pep talk.

Like Jimmy Lee, I hope Westchester Woman will help inspire you to be yourself and fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

Nice Things People Have Said About Westchester Woman in the Media

“It’s a blend of serious and funny, for a mixed audience who have diverse interests ranging from DIY craft ideas to love and sex. She’s just what we all needed.” – Emma Westchester

theSkimm for Women of Westchester – Emma Westchester

My Favorite Westchester Bloggers – Emma Westchester

Dina Sciortino

More about me…

Dina Grace Zoe Sciortino is a freelance writer, founder of Dina Grace Zoe Mediaand the blogstress behind Westchester Woman
​She grew up in Westchester, NY and has spent the last decade as a storyteller, journalist, and digital media specialist. She now lives on the beach in New Haven County, CT because God and manifesting are cool like that.

Dina specializes in crafting heartfelt and emotionally compelling content that engages readers and grows traffic. She was named as the 14th top reporter on Facebook in February 2018, according to NewsWhip.

She currently freelances for sites like Family HandymanShareably (viral), Animal Channel (animals and pets), Spotlight Stories (do-gooder news), Relieved (health), Sweet and Savory (food), and Home Hacks (DIY/home design).

She has also been published on Little Things, xoJane and Huffington Post.

Prior to starting DGZ Media, Dina served as a digital managing editor for Townsquare Media Danbury; editor for Patch.com’s White Plains and Rivertowns local news websites; a Daily Voice news reporter for southern Westchester; and as a staff reporter for The Rivertowns Enterprise in Dobbs Ferry.

Dina is funny, likes to write novels, screenplays, and other things that make people smile. She hopes that her work will help people to love themselves and each other.

She is a karaoke and macaroni and cheese enthusiast that also loves pizza, The White Stripes, alliteration, and her cat Princess Khaleesi Glitterpuss the Werekitty. She was almost on CNN once.

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With love and gratitude,

Westchester Woman