Fatima’s Bonded Labour Liberation Front via Humans of New York in Pakistan – Woman Charity of the Week

Each week Westchester Woman will feature a charity?or organization that supports women, is run by women or both. This week’s charity:?Fatima’s Bonded Labour Liberation Front via Humans of New York?in Pakistan

We are in awe of and in love with Humans of New York on a daily basis,?as the popular blog shows beautiful and truthful depictions of what human life is like in New York City.

Humans of New York?founder?Brandon Stanton’s photo interview?blog and social media posts often inspire those reading to reach out to the subjects with?humanitarian assistance.

Humans of New York’s recent trip to Pakistan has resulted in freeing Pakistani citizens from bonded labor, which is essentially slavery. Stanton is raising funds for Syeda Ghulam Fatima who has been electrocuted, shot and beaten many times in her effort to end bonded labor, in Pakistan. She is a true hero.

Stanton explains in his post here:

This man’s freedom (and the potential freedom of his family, as debt is passed to the family once the debtor passes away) is worth $3,500. This is how he?ended up as a bonded laborer:

Today is the last day to make a donation, and you can do so here:?life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/let-s-help-fatima-end-bonded-labor

The fundraiser, which has a goal of $1,000,000, was still open at the time this was written with $878,939?raised in just two days. If you weren’t able to donate to this fundraiser, Humans of New York?often presents ways you can give and help your fellow humans.

Humans of New York?fans also rallied to help a single mother in Pakistan?was infected with Hepatitis C,?fled?an abusive relationship, was shunned and was?almost left with no choice but to abandon her daughter.

A local Pakistani man, who makes a meager income, offered to help the woman anyway he could and find individuals to donate blood to her.

Then Stanton’s fans came to the rescue offering money, which the woman declined instead asking instead if someone could offer housing and medical assistance. Those who’d like to help can email honypakassist@gmail.com. In January, fans donated almost $1.5 million to send a NYC sixth grade class on annual tours of Harvard University, a summer program and scholarships.

You can follow Humans of New York here:

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