Do You Have ‘Impostor Syndrome’? You’re Not Alone, Lots of Women Do

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Do you ever have the feeling that someone is going to “find you out,” that you’ll be exposed for the fraud you are? Ever?feel like you don’t deserve to be where you are or that you only got there because of luck or happenstance?

You are not alone.

Impostor syndrome is real and has affects even the strongest and most accomplished women, according to The Telegraph.?Impostor syndrome was?first identified in 1978 as ?”a phenomenon whereby successful women had high levels of self-doubt.”

The Telegraph reports that Women are more likely to undervalue themselves which can lead to burying themselves in tasks, avoiding extra responsibility and not seeking out opportunities, like pay raises.?Women like Emma Watson, Kate Winslet and Maya Angelou have all said they have felt like an imposter at one point.

One way to combat impostor syndrome is to not care so much what other people think of you, focus on the value you bring and BE YOURSELF.

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