Tarrytown Resident, Award-Winning Social Worker Sherry Saturno Gives Inspiring TEDx Talk

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Tarrytown resident and award-winning social worker Sherry Saturno delivered an inspiring TEDx Talk at Westchester Community College that was recently published on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel.

The talk, titled “Use Your Broken Heart to Find Your Greatness,” provides encouraging advice on overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Click below to watch the full talk:

Use Your Broken Heart to Find Your Greatness | Sherry Saturno | TEDxWCC

Rejection has been the fuel behind countless success stories, not just with instances of romantic love, but also for those who have survived discrimination, poverty, and injustice. As a social worker, I’ve witnessed how adversity can be turned into something beautiful-motivation, resilience, originality- and I’ve implemented that mindset to overcome obstacles.

Saturno discusses how rejection has been the fuel behind countless success stories and how adversity can be transformed into motivation and resilience.

As a social worker, Saturno recounts how our stories and our struggles make us uniquely who we are, but too often out of shame or fear we silence the very narrative that is the foundation of our strength. In her talk, Saturno asks the audience to avoid letting the fear?of rejection have an impact on pursuing their dreams.

“Your story, the source of your struggle, is your power,” she tells the audience. “Take a look at your traumas and your quirks and find your own greatness, because it’s been there all along.”

She explains that using your anger and pain as a catalyst for change is an ultimate goal.

“All of us have scars. They make us who we are. But it’s what you do with them that counts.”

Saturno is a national award-winning social worker who holds master’s degrees from Columbia and Long Island universities. A Diplomate in Clinical Social Worker, she is a Stanford Certified Project Manager who graduated from a national post-graduate fellowship at New York University Silver School of Social Work.

Saturno wrote and produced the national award-winning documentary short film “Human Investment” and was included in Social Work Today Magazine’s 2017 annual feature as one out of ten notable social workers in the nation.

For more information, connect with Sherry on LinkedIn.