New York Moms Are So Valuable That People Will Pay For Their Time

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New Yorkers know the true value of a mother. So, much so that some of us will even pay to have one. That’s why NeedAMomNYC allows you to rent a mom.

NeedAMomNYC is based in Brooklyn and charges by the hour and offers packages for those times when you need a mom, just not your own mom. You can rent a mom for about $40 an hour. Hugs are free.

Your rented mom can sit and talk out problems over a cup of coffee, review your resume and edit other documents, iron your shirt, watch a movie with you when you just don’t want to be alone, bake you your favorite pie, or shop for and wrap your actual mother’s Mother’s Day gift. All this, in person, over the phone or Skype, without judging your lifestyle choices, your diet, who you hang out with, or the way you dress.

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“Moms listen,” said founder Nina Keneally. “They offer considered, well-chosen advice and support you in both your good times and bad. My demographic is largely young women in their 20’s and 30’s (the occasionally early 40’s). I think women are more open to reaching out and asking for support than most men. My clients have either lost their mothers, have troubled relationships with their mothers or are going through a bad patch with their mother and want help in working through it. I actually function more as a personal mentor than a mother substitute.”

Keneally mostly listens, empathizes, and helps to solve problems. She offers advice ONLY when she is asked for advice. Most of her requests have been along those lines, however, some requests have gotten pretty weird.

“I’ve had several young men contact me asking me to pretend to be their mothers and either meet or talk with their girlfriends,” Keneally told Westchester Woman.

Credit: NeedAMom/Facebook

Keneally shot that request down quickly, explaining that the request wasn’t a good way to build a relationship.

“Some teenagers have also asked me to pretend to be their mom and call their friend’s mom to say the teen is staying me with us,” Keneally said. “No to that, too. There have been a few X-rated requests, too. Use your imagination.”

Keneally had been giving good advice to young people for as long as she could remember, whether it was people she met at her yoga class or through her two sons. The idea of turning it into a business started as a joke, but then she decided it might actually be a good idea.

“It’s been very rewarding,” said Keneally. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the business has grown to include Skype and telephone sessions from all over the country. I don’t try to replace any one’s mother; I try to use my unique skill set to empower young adults to be personally responsible in all areas of life and learn new skills (both emotional and practical) to cement their new adult lives.”

So, next time your kids start to get on your nerves, tell them you’re going to start charging for your services or tell them to contact NeedaMomNYC at

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