Soba College Recovery Announces Robust Partnership with the Mayor of White Plains, Police Department & NCADD

(Photo: White Plains Mayor Tom Roach with Soba College Recovery Founders)

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The Soba College Recovery Treatment Facility has Unveiled Details of a Dynamic Partnership Between the Mayor & Police Department in White Plains New York & NCADD

Today, Soba College Recovery, a leading New Jersey-based treatment center and sober housing facility situated beside Rutgers University, has confirmed that it has forged a formidable alliance between the Mayor of White Plains New York, Thomas Roach, the White Plains Police Department, and the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD).

Sobas responsibility involves the hands-on training of close to 200 police officers as part of the CLEAR-Community Law Enforcement/Addiction Recovery Initiative.

In November 2016, after being honored with a Humanitarian Award at the annual NCADD fundraising gala ball, Philip Chasin, the Owner-Operator of Soba College Recovery, accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of the national organization.

For the past 73 years, the council has helped millions of Americans to work through alcohol dependency and drug addiction. In conjunction with Soba, its mission is to save lives and assist families in the recovery process all while aiming to heal whole communities affected by addiction problems.

“I was born here in White Plains and more than anything I want to see people troubled by addiction get the best professional help they need and deserve,” expressed, Thomas Roach, Mayor of White Plains. “This is why I am delighted my office along with our Police Department, the NCADD, and SOBA College Recovery is making this possible for those who need help now. I wish this joint initiative every success.”


“I’d like to thank Mayor Roach, the White Plains Police Department, and my colleagues at the NCADD for placing their trust in the entire Soba team,” commented, Philip Chasin, Owner-Operator, Soba College Recovery. “Considering we only established the Soba Outreach Initiative last year, it’s very gratifying to have this wonderful opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals in the addiction recovery field as well as top law enforcement pioneers.”


“I echo the sentiments expressed by the Mayor and appreciate the support of the Police Department, the NCADD, and everyone here at Soba,” noted, Joel Pomales, Clinical Outreach Coordinator, and Advocacy Director, Soba College Recovery. “Its an honor to be involved in such a far-reaching initiative like this.

Soba College Recovery is now actively involved in the expert training of 195 White Plains Police Officers in the CLEAR-Community Law Enforcement/Addiction Recovery Initiative. Soba also responds to the Police Department with Recovery Coaches when a person with an addiction presents himself or herself.

Importantly, when this happens, an individual who chooses to voluntarily enter a Police Department can surrender any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia without the fear of prosecution or arrest. They can immediately gain access to the help they need and seek to be placed in a treatment program to address their substance use disorder.

Soba College Recovery treats the underlying psychological disorders and the symptoms of addiction for 18 to 30-year-olds. Their addiction treatment is individualized, meaning everyone has a custom treatment plan.

Soba College Recovery is fully accredited by the Joint Commissions Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program and is also a Member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

A new paradigm for the treatment of young people with a history of addiction has come to New Jersey.

Soba College Recovery means it when it states that it has what it takes to take a large bite out of our State-wide opiate epidemic. Here, families are renewed, and clearly, people are alive because of the impressive work achieved.


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