Register to Vote By Oct. 14; How to Get Power, Make a Ton of Money

Here’s what’s happening Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman: Register to Vote By Oct. 14; How to Get Power, Make a Ton of ?Money; MORE.

1.) Do you want to have a say in your future? Then make sure you’re registered to vote by Oct. 14 so that you can vote in the general election in November to vote for your President, members of Congress, and your state and local officials.

The?League of Women Voters has all the information you need on how to register by the Oct. 14 deadline, who your candidates are and where you can go to vote at Here are additional


2.)?Sherry Saturno of Tarrytown has been awarded the 2016 Champion of Social Justice Award by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for the State of New York. Sherry is the Director of Social Services at Sprain Brook Manor in Scarsdale and will receive the award this October at the NASW Statewide Conference in Albany. The Champion of Social Justice Award is presented to an individual for outstanding advocacy on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed groups. Congratulations Sherry!

3.) At?Cindy Gallop of IfWeRanTheWorld and Make Love Not Porn likes to “blow sh*t up” and she sat down with Forbes to offer some advice to women on how they can own their lives, own their jobs and make a sh*t ton of money.

One of our favorites is #7:

“If you are working at a place that does not welcome and celebrate your talent, somewhere that does not allow you to disrupt and innovate in the way that you want to, get the f*ck out, get another job. Theres no point in being there.”

And #9:

“There is always a way over, around, under or through every obstacle. You just need to be creative about what that is. Take micro-actions.”

And most important, #10:

“The fear of what other people will think is the single most paralyzing dynamic in business and life. You will never own the future if you care what other people think.”

?Read the rest of Gallop’s advice below:

11 Surefire Ways For Women To Get Power And Make A Ton Of Money

Cindy Gallop’s Twitter profile says it all, “I like to blow sh*t up. I am the Michael Bay of business.” And this quote from Gallop is one of my favorites: “You’ll never own the future if you care what other people think.” How did Gallop get the confidence to say what she thinks?


4.) Today’s headlines:

Grace VanderWaal presented ‘key to Rockland’

SUFFERN – Grace VanderWaal owned Lafayette Avenue in Suffern Saturday afternoon. The grand prize winner of “America’s Got Talent” rode down the street in an open convertible with her family and waved to the hundreds of people who came to her homecoming parade. Shop workers along Lafayette Avenue stood outside their stores to watch.

White Plains Jeweler Featured At Museum Of African American History

ELMSFORD, N.Y. — Elmsford resident and Ossining native Donna Chambers is having her jewelry featured in the gift store of the Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C. starting on Saturday. “It’s an honor to be singled out …

Just How Much Does it Cost to Get Married Here?

If this were how many guests you were inviting, cost would be far less of an issue. Photo: Fotolia/photology1971 For a lot of us, the first question that comes to mind as we delve into wedding planning is: How much is this going to cost?

Thousands walk against cancer in Yorktown

YORKTOWN – Suzann Conners, clad in pink, the armor of the battle against cancer, choked up a little as she spoke of her recent fight with the disease. Shortly before 10 a.m. Sunday, Conners, of Cortlandt, was about to join thousands doing an annual walk in Franklin D.