The Best of Westchester’s Outdoors: Parks, Nature Preserves and More

Summer has always been my favorite season. Im a warm weather gal through and through, and love to go out and explore and enjoy the outdoors. Which is why living in Westchester County is so fabulous! With so many open, green spaces our county has to offer, were never short on outdoor adventures.

When I moved out to Westchester from New York City 5 years ago, a friend of mine was moving to Westchester at the same time, and had a saying. She would say it was all about the 3 Ss: Schools, Summer and Space. Not just space in terms of owning a house, but also in terms of having access to more outdoor space more grass, more trees, more fields, more green. For me, that was a big motivation for the move as well.

The Pepsico sculpture gardens in Westchester are a serene oasis in the middle of the county.

Ive loved living in Westchester for its outdoor appeal. Whether it be town parks, nature preserves or sculpture gardens, there is so much beautiful land to be discovered in our bucolic county. My hometown park, Larchmont Manor Park, for starters, is truly a magical spot! If you have never been, you must visit this stunning park set on the Long Island Sound. You will feel like youre on vacation!

Untermyer Gardens, in Yonkers, is one of the most majestic settings Ive ever laid eyes on. Known as Eden on the Hudson this Persian-Indo park overlooking the Hudson River will take your breath away. The combination of the exquisite gardens, Roman-era architecture and views of the water are simply sublime.

Untermyer gardens in Westchester overlook the Hudson River and are simply exquisite.

For nature enthusiasts, there are so many nature preserves, including the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and the Rockefeller State Preserve, among many more. Hiking, walking, horse riding, wildlife-spotting, even camping, all can be found throughout our county.

If youre a fan of the outdoors, Westchester is a fantastic place to live. To see my complete list of outdoor parks and preserves in Westchester, see my post The Best of Westchester Countys Open Space: Parks, Nature Preserves and More. The dog days of summer are officially here go out and see all that our amazing county has to offer!

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