Petition to Keep Pets Alive Site a No-Kill Shelter; Astorino, Cuomo Disagree Over Refugees; Women and Impostor Syndrome

Here’s what’s happening today in the 914:

1.) A petition on is circulating calling on the board members of Pets Alive to Inc. to make a decision on what the fate of their Westchester site will be.

Petitioners are asking to board to make a decision on the fate of be property by November, and if no decision is made they ask that the Greenburgh Town Board step in to resolve the situation, and ensure that the site remains a no-kill shelter.

“We strongly and respectfully request that the Town of Greenburgh reevaluate the imperative and tragic situation of 100 Warehouse Lane South, Elmsford, NY and use its legal rights and powers to take back the deed from Pets Alive Inc. to allow another organization to restore (with engineer and town approval) this property and building to what the community of Westchester original INTENDED and SUPPORTED it to be: A true no-kill animal shelter,” the petition reads.

Click here?to view, sign or read more about the petition and issue. The issue will be discussed on WVOX on Friday.

2.)?Political?nemeses Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo again find themselves in disagreement over hot button issues. This week it’s over whether on not the U.S. should allow Syrian refugees into our country.

Get the details here on Westchester Woman.


3.)?Do you ever have the feeling that someone is going to “find you out,” that you’ll be exposed for the fraud you are? Ever?feel like you don’t deserve to be where you are, or only got there because of luck or happenstance?

You may have impostor syndrome, and you’re not alone as it’s more likely to affect successful women. Read more about it in Westchester Woman here.


4.) Today’s headlines: