Fair Trade Craft Festival; Planned Parenthood Needs You; Dog Park Controversy

Heres whats happening today in the 914:

1.) Wouldnt it be nice to know that the holiday gifts you are giving werent made by children in a factory who make $.03 a day? The Margaret Eberle 2015 Fair Trade Festival & Crafts Sale can help.

On Saturday, Dec. 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Memorial United Methodist Church Asbury Hall at 250 Bryant Ave. in White Plains will host more than 30 vendors who will sell fair trade items.

Fair trade goods are items that are often sustainably made and ensure the workers who make them are paid fair wages and can work in safe conditions. Learn more about fair trade below:

2.) Planned Parenthood needs our help again to ensure they can continue providing health services to women and men across the country and give us the ability to?choose whether or not we should have an abortion. Here’s a message from Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards:

Dear Westchester,

The Supreme Court just agreed to rule on HB2 the Texas abortion law that could shut down all but 10 abortion providers in the state.?And if the Court upholds this dangerous law, access to safe and legal abortion may be threatened throughout the country.

We need to make our voices heard now:?No more health center shutdowns. No more chipping away at Roe v. Wade.

Westchester, if we lose this case, its impact will be immediate and is likely to be far-reaching. Lawmakers in Connecticut and other states will believe they have the Supreme Court’s blessing to pass even more dangerous laws, shutting down health centers and putting new restrictions on reproductive rights.

In the end, a legal right to abortion isn’t worth much if it’s impossible to get one safely.?That’s what the ideologues who push for laws like the one in Texas are counting on. Me? I’m counting on people like you to stand up and fight back.

Sign on to our letter today, and then ask your friends to sign on too!

The politicians behind laws like this are hell-bent on destroying access to safe and legal abortion. They ignored an epic filibuster from Wendy Davis to pass this law. They closed their hearts to countless women who testified about the damage it would do. They shut out thousands of activists who poured into the capitol in Austin to make sure the people’s voices were heard.

In the end, they were willing to twist the rules to jam this through. That’s how hard they’re fighting to end safe and legal abortion. Not just in Texas but across the country.

That’s what we’re up against, Westchester. Believe me, if they win this case and the Texas abortion law goes into effect, they’ll use every inch of that victory to make getting an abortion one of the hardest things a woman can do.?Don’t let it happen. Get on record.

3.) Today’s headlines: