10 Summer Necessities a Westchester Woman Shouldnt Have to Live Without

Credit: Merelize / freerange
Credit: Merelize / freerange

It’s summer time … ohhhhh yeahhh! And that means its time to celebrate in the sun, but not without these 10 absolutely must have, cant live without things.

I mean you can but you totally shouldnt have to.

Here’s are?10 things Westchester women told us they NEED to have in the summer time.

1.) A Bathing Suit You Love?

Summertime is the best time to love and appreciate your own body and having a swimsuit you feel awesome in?is a must. From petite to plus size, there are lots of?body positive swimsuits out there this season in all types of styles.

I’ve had success at Target, Walmart and Bloomingdale’s in White Plains. Tell us in the comments where you’ve had success!

Swimsuits For All on Twitter

You know how they say, “Age before beauty?” We see no difference. Shop the New @TheAshleyGraham Collection: https://t.co/vds7mt9nRp


2.) Friction/Sweat Proof Products

Chub rub, a.k.a. skazda-ta in some Italian circles (probably not spelled right, but it’s when your thighs rub together), cleavage sweat (which we refer to here as “skleave”) and heat rashes happen to the best of us in the summer.

You don’t have to live like that. No one needs to spend a summer day walking like a penguin in pain.

To prevent chub rub, try?Bandelettes.?They’re these sexy little lace bands that go over your thighs to prevent chub rub.

Laura Hadley ? on Twitter

Sneaky peak of my @MishLingerie Lace Bandalettes! They’re comfortable to wear and prevents chafing in the summer!

If you prefer powder, try Lady Anti Monkey Butt?or some good ole’ baby powder.?

Mundoparabebes on Twitter

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder Lady 6 oz. Bottle of Calamine Powder, 2-Pack http://t.co/iEwptcdx1D

Powder will also help prevent a skleave outbreak before it starts and bra chaffing.

If you already have chub rub, try using Destin diaper rash cream. It works like a charm to sooth even the worst cases of thigh or bra chaffing.

3.) Treat Yo Self to a Frozen Treat

Whether you’re a FroYo freak or run like a mad woman when you hear the ice cream truck bells, treating yourself to ice cream and other frozen treats is one of the greatest legacies of?summer.

We love Yogolicious in Pleasantville! Where’s your favorite Westchester ice cream and yogurt joint?

Tweets with replies by JR (@jennier0se) | Twitter

The latest Tweets and replies from JR (@jennier0se).

4.) Skin Protection

Sunscreen … don’t even think about leaving the house without this on. The sun … it’s no joke. Not wearing sunscreen is not worth it, and not an option for us. Right now we’re using CeraVe sunscreen and heard that it’s a good moisturizer and doesn’t make your face too greasy or stiff like some sunscreens.

LovelyToday.com on Twitter

Foto: CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM Sunscreen SPF 30 http://t.co/BX8f9zA3kY

We LOVE the sun. But it’s pretty powerful so, you might want to also grab a sun hat (which can also instantly make you look glamorous and high budget, if you’re into that, will providing protection). Here are some suggestions from Vouge via The Glass Pineapple.

The Glass Pineapple on Twitter

What sun hat should you wear on the beach this summer? http://t.co/i0kqAZMXLu http://t.co/UCEHsPPWPV @voguemagazine

5.) Summer Love

Summer is the season of love. The first place we hope you to find summer love is within yourself.

Ol’ QWERTY Bastard on Twitter

Gotta love yourself 1st and foremost ????

Let’s also love our family, neighbors,?friends, children, your pets, lovers, jobs and everything else. Just love, love, summertime love!

And let’s not forget one of our favorite things about summer – the?summer fling. Here are?‘s instructions on how to execute a flawless summer fling … you’re welcome!

GQ Magazine on Twitter

How to have a regret-free summer fling http://t.co/Vs5Po23d8u

6.) Lots of Water

Staying fully hydrated is KEY when it comes to maintaining energy and fending off fatigue during the day. This is even more important in warmer weather when we need more water to stay hydrated.

Though there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much water you should be drinking. POPSUGAR reports that the average woman needs about 91 ounces or 2.7 liters of water a day.

But other factors come into play, like how active you are or how much time you spend in the some. Read POPSUGAR’s article here for more information on how to stay properly hydrated this summer.

7.) A Summer Soundtrack

Summer isn’t really summer without your summer song. Every single summer deserves not only a distinct anthem but an entire mix of songs that represent that specific summer. After you make your summer mix, make sure you burn a CD copy for your friends!

Our friends at Ms. Magazine made a mix just for you ladies! Check it out:

Ms. Magazine on Twitter

The Ultimate Feminist Summer Mixtape http://t.co/sF5fMZr9WL

8.) Lightweight PJs

If you’re not one to go buff under the sheets in the summer, then lightweight PJs are a MUST. Those flannel bottoms and cozy cotton long sleeve shirts will stick to you in the summer heat and can make you toss and turn all night. I can’t sleep unless I am at the proper temperature.

Huffington Post wrote an article?on summer PJs that give you an idea of what styles are out there, but tell us where you buy summer PJs in Westchester.

9.)?Lip Defense

Have you ever felt what it’s like to get sunburn on your lips? Well, we hope you don’t because it is the worst ever.

Taylor Cardin on Twitter

Ashlee got sunburn on her lips and now they’re all swollen and she looks like this

During the summer?you’re going to want to up your lip balm game to one that has sunscreen in it.

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10.) Hair Care

Don’t let your hair frizz up or let that color fade in the?sun. Our favoritest summer hair product of all time is:

Bellashoot on Twitter

Easy #BeachWaves #Tutorial using @JohnFriedaUK Beach Blonde Pro! See how- http://t.co/b4cmI92g3x via #bblogger @syzia

It gives you mermaid hair. Yes, soft, wavy, loose, beach smelling, mermaid hair.

You can also try using a leave-in conditioning spray when you go to the beach or are out in the sun, to keep your hair from drying up. Also, don’t forget shampoo and conditioner that helps your hair color stay longer.

So, that’s our list ladies. Now it’s your turn to tell us your summer must-haves in the comments. Happy summer! <3

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