Wu-Tang Clan is Coming to White Plains… Maybe


From the slums of Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan strikes again. This time in Westchester… well, according to Facebook.

Here’s what the Facebook event post we found said:

A one time performance at the world famous P.F. Chang’s to celebrate the new Wu-Tang Style Combo #36. First 36 people to come get their combo meal free and get to hang out with GZA prior to the show.

Sounds like it could totally be true, right? Do you think they’ll also bring the RZA, along with the GZA, in memory of Old Dirty Bastard, and Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, U-GOD, Ghostface Killah and the Method Man??????

Well, maybe not because all of this may not even be true. Let us explain:

If you scroll on down the post you’ll see other other celebrity appearance events that are ironic and/or weird, like “A$AP Rocky with Kesha at Dollar Tree,” with commenters referring to them being fake.

Sorry guys! We’re checking with the person who created the post to find out if it’s a cruel joke or something we need to be super excited about. Right now, we’re thinking it’s probably BS.

But wouldn’t it be soooo dope if they rolled up like:


There are, however, some amazing puns happening on the event page that kinda makes up for it.

Here are our favorites:

Who knew The Chang was down with the Tang?!?! Alright then! Let’s bring the Ruckus with a side a fried rice!

Watch out Martin Shkreli doesn’t buy all the tickets and go by his lonesome self.

ODB’s hologram will be having a meet and greet after the show.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me – Spicy Chicken Combo… dollah for an eggroll…

Even with a hoax, the Wu-Tang Clan is still bringing the love, some laughs, and the ruckus. Wu Tang is, after all, for the children.

(Click below and turn on the sound!)



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