99-Year-Old Ela Hathaway is ‘Woman of the Year;’ Study: Baby Smell as Addictive as Crack

Here’s what’s happening ?Today in the 914,?according to Westchester Woman:

1.) It’s Friday the 13th, have a lucky day!

2.) Ela Hathaway has served her community, as a member of the Eastchester and Scarsdale Women’s Clubs, fore ?more than five decades. The 99-year-old has lead a wildly successful life as a former White House correspondent, fashion coordinator and realtor in Scarsdale.

The?Westchester County Federation of Womens Clubs (WCFWC) recently honored Hathway as the “Woman of the Year.”

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3.) Your hypotheses about newborn baby smell is all true. The smell of a newborn baby really is that good, and can be as addicting as drugs or food especially for women.

The?University of Montreal? says the smell of a newborn’s head lights up “reward centers”?of our brain, that other smells don’t causing a a rush of dopamine to the brain in women, specifically mothers.

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3.)?Today’s headlines: ]

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