New Women’s Networking Group; Late in Life Success for Self-Made Women

Here’s what’s happening Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) There’s a new Westchester women’s networking group. The Women in Innovation (WIN) was started by two women in Purchase. Here are the details:

Two Westchester Women Form Networking Group In Purchase

PURCHASE, N.Y. — Women in Innovation (WIN), a networking group for women working in innovative careers across any industry, will hold its inaugural event, a panel discussion on Women in Emerging Digital Leadership, at MasterCard, in Purch…

2.) Forbes recently featured self-made women who found success after 40, read about their stories below in Forbes:

Late Bloomers: How These Self-Made Women Found Success Later In Life

America’s richest self-made women are 60 ceiling crashers who have built some of the nation’s biggest companies, from Gap to Google, Spanx and Facebook. But 10% of them got their lucrative start after the age of 40; one of those six even after 50.

3.) Today’s headlines: