Westchester Election Results; Local Candy Shops, Reuses on Candy Day; 10 Things to Tell Your Daughter

1.) Yesterday was Election Day here in Westchester. Check out LoHud.com for results of the County’s races, as well as your own town’s race.

2.) Today is?National Candy Day! Not sure how important candy is to some? Check out Jimmy Kimmels latest “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy,” and you’ll quickly find out:

Westchester in home to some pretty elaborate candy shops like Imagine Candy in Scarsdale, a 2014 Best of Westchester Pick. You can click here for?Yelp’s list of candy shops in our area.

Looking for ways to re-purpose all that leftover Halloween candy? Here you go:

3.)?What are the?10 most important things you would make sure your daughter knows by the time she is 10? The list Huffington Post came up with is resurfacing on the internet and if you haven’t seen it, you?should give it a look. Do you agree/disagree with their list? What would you add?

4.) Here are today’s headlines: