National Doughnut Day, What $100 Buys You in NY, Sensory Deprivation Chambers in Westchester

1.) Today is National Doughnut Day, so treat yo’self to a sugary pastry today. Westchester Magazine?performed a blind taste test to determine who has the best doughnut in Westchester. Find out who won here.

They also found nine of the best doughnuts in Westchester here, from glazed to jelly to toasted coconut. You’ll find Yelp’s picks for the best doughnut joints here. But who do you think has the best doughnut in Westchester?

2.)?In some states $100 isn’t actually worth $100, according to The Daily Dot. While in some states $100 is worth more than $100, like Mississippi where $100 will?get the biggest bang for your buck in the country at $115.74 that’s not the case, as you may have guessed, in?New York. Click here to find out how much $100 is really worth in New York.

Credit: Sabbir via Freerange Stock
Credit: Sabbir via Freerange Stock

3.) Need to relax? How does being in a lightproof and soundproof tank with about 10 inches of water filled with Epsom salt sound?

According to Westchester Magazine, Rise Above Floatation opened in Mount Kisco during the summer and offers sensory deprivation, also known as flotation therapy, that is said to comfort those who suffer from pain, anxiety and depression and even boost athletic performance by inducing meditative states. Get the details in Westchester Magazine here.

4.) Today’s headlines: