Westchester Chefs Read Mean Yelp Reviews; Workshop Teaches Kids How to Be Your Own Superhero


1.) Lohud took a tip from Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweet segment, and came up with the brilliant concept of having local Westchester chefs read mean Yelp reviews. Check out this hilarious video below:


2.) The Westchester Mall recently hosted a superhero workshop, but organizer Siria Perez of ArisRae.com said the program is more about dressing up in a fun costume.

“I?really want these kids to take away from this workshop we can all pitch in and do our part to be a good people and be our own superhero,” she told News 12 Westchester.

For more information on Perez’s?children’s programs visit?Airisrae.com?or call (914) 428-4220.

Check out the clip below:


3.) Tomorrow is the last day?to nominate a woman in business who has?helped you succeed in your career.


4.) Today’s headlines:







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