Westchester Artist Wants You to Put Down Your Phone; Start Your Own Hustle or Travel the World Now


Here’s what’s happening Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:?Westchester Artist Wants You to Put Down Your Phone; Start Your Own Hustle or Travel the World Now; Headlines – NYS Mandates Meningitis Vaccine For All Students; MORE

1.) Westchester artist Marcy B. Freedman wants you to put your cell phone down. Even if it’s only for an hour.

Though Performance Art on the Farm 2016 is a free event, it will cost you your full attention. This is the eight year Freedman hosts the event as a part of Collaborative Concepts‘ Art on the Farm project.

Margeaux Walter's Semblance
(Photo courtesy Marcy B. Freedman – Margeaux Walter’s Semblance)

The event is on Saturday, Sept. 3 (rain date Sept. 4 or 5) from 2 to 4 p.m. at Saunders’ Farm, 853 Old Albany Post Rd. in Garrison, NY,?where visitors can view sculptural installations, as well as performance art presentations curated by Freedman.

For Freedman’s performance, she’ll give out buttons to visitors who promise to turn off their cell phones for the next hour. The artist will explain how she’d like people to experience the here and now, without any screens.?Click here for a full list of performances.

2.) Life is too short to live it any other way than exactly how you want. Sometimes that means creating the career of your dreams or traveling the world while you figure it out.

Here’s some advice from women who decided to be their own boss and work on their own terms.

3 Latina Entrepreneurs On Kickstarting Your Own Hustle

(Photo courtesy of Shutterstock) Intentionality is key to any entrepreneur’s story. Yes, there are moments of happenstance and pure coincidence that lead to a perfect connection or the kind of “aha” moment that’s best told over a cup of coffee. But those aren’t the only moments and they are definitely not […]

Have a passion to travel the world? Celinne Da Costa’s story of how she quit her corporate job to travel the world offers inspiration on how to pursue your passion regardless of whether it’s traveling or not.

“I could tell you about how through perseverance, planning, self-control, a lot of freelancing, and passively saving for 10+ years, I was able to gather the funds necessary for taking this time off, but that also wont satisfy you,” Costa’s writes on Forbes. “The means by which I was able to get to the point where I could quit my job and travel the world are tailored to my life and needs and are not likely replicable by someone who does not share the same values or very similar lifestyle as me.?Here is the secret to how I was able to put aside the funds I needed to travel the world: I identified my primary passion, and I ruthlessly prioritized my life decisions to serve that passion.”

How This Millennial Nomad Affords Full-Time Travel

People often ask me how I can afford to travel. The answer is: I identify what I want, and I prioritize my life to achieve that goal.


3.) Today’s headlines:

New York State mandates meningitis vaccine for all school children

Dr. Vicki Iannotti, associate chief of general pediatrics at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, on the New York State law mandating that all 7th and 12th graders be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.


Westchester Wants to Hear from Seniors Hudson Valley News Network

WHITE PLAINS – The Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services (DSPS) will hold its annual public hearing on Friday, September 16, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave., White Plains The hearing provides a venue for individuals to learn about and speak out on concerns that affect Westchester seniors and their families.

Sergeant suspended without pay for alleged Facebook comments

NEW ROCHELLE – A New Rochelle police sergeant has been suspended without pay after allegedly posting a controversial comment on Facebook about the Black Lives Matter movement. Sources tell News 12 that the sergeant in question is Chris Castiglia. He is said to have put the following post on Facebook: “It’s fine to be anti-police, but be 100% about it.

Why Did We Stop Teaching Political History?

American political history, it would seem, is everywhere. Hardly a day passes without some columnist comparing Donald J. Trump to Huey Long, Father Coughlin or George Wallace. “All the Way,” a play about Lyndon B. Johnson, won a slew of awards and was turned into an HBO film.

Yonkers distributes more than 600 backpacks

Backpacks and supplies were donated by Heavenly Productions, Empire City Casino, Access Bag N’ Pack and Yonkers residents. Yonkers and local business officials distributed more than 600 backpacks to students Thursday at School 13. The children received the bags filled with school supplies through the city’s fifth annual Backpack to School Drive.


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