The Food in Westchester is Amazing – Here Are the Instagrammers That Prove It

(The Food in Westchester is Amazing – Here Are the Instagrammers That Prove It)

If you ever move out of Westchester, you’re ?likely to quickly discover that our beloved county has more amazingly delicious food per square footage than almost any other place in the country.

It’s not everywhere that you can go into a random deli and come out with a great sandwich,?and I’m pretty sure “bad” pizza doesn’t exist in?Westchester. It might not be the best, but it’s never “bad.”

Sushi, bagels, Mexican, and Chinese – Westchester does it right.?

Check out these Instagram photos from local bloggers and restaurant goers?who pay homage to Westchester as a Mecca for foodies:

1.) Madison Kitchen Larchmont – 7 Madison Ave., Larchmont ?(914) 732-3024 (via Westchester Magazine)

Rainbow cookies in ice cream … stahhhhhpp. Just stahhp. Westchester Magazine knows what’s up when it comes to tantalizing our taste buds.

2.) Cedar Street Grill – 23 Cedar St., Dobbs Ferry (914) 674-0766 (via IntoxiKate)

Westchester’s foodie goddess Kate Schlientz of?IntoxiKate?always makes good on her word to?”excite or elate foodies to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy; to live life deliciously.” Her stop at Cedar Street Grill was no exception. Lamb ribs get … in … my … belly!

3.) Calcutta Wrap & Roll -?463 Ashford Ave. in Addyman Square Ardsley?(914) 591-2222 (via Calcutta Wrap)

Calcutta Wrap & Roll is one of our fav places in Westchester. Pretty much anything you order from them is delicious and made with love.

4.) Suggar Plums Food For the Soul -?534 North Ave., New Rochelle?(914) 235-3330 (via iamflomag)

Lawd, lawd, lawd is right! This mac and cheese look so good, it brings a tear to our eye.

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5.) Tarry Lodge -?18 Mill St., ?Port Chester (914) 939-3111 (via laissezfare)

Normally, if you asked us if we want eggs on our pizza we’d say no, but this looks phenomenal and we want to eat it immediately.

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6.)?Half Moon -?1 High St., Dobbs Ferry (914) 693-4130 (via Food Sucks at a Diet)

Sharing … no thank you.

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7.)?The Souvlaki Truck -?2481 Central Park Ave., Yonkers (914) 500-7580

For so long we thought that NYC was the only place we could get good falafel without having to go inside a restaurant … and then there was The Souvlaki Truck

8.) Andy’s Pure Food -?46 Purchase St.,?Rye (914) 967-2332

Eating healthy in Westchester is delicious.

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9.) Main Street Sweets – 35 Main St., Tarrytown (914) 332-5757

Meet “Cookie Monster” the ice cream.