Free Food Farm to Float on the Hudson; Dinner at WUJI for Cool People


Here’s what’s happening?Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) One of the coolest things ever is about to float down the?almighty Hudson River this summer. Meet Swale New York, a?farm on a barge that will float around the river?and let people walk around and pick vegetables FOR FREE.


This “food forest” plans to?dock at local piers in NYC this summer and will have more than 80 species of trees and plants, like ginger, raspberries and arugula. It will be at each dock for about two weeks.?Since community gardens are illegal in NYC, according to, Swale decided to put the barge in the Hudson River as a way to sidestep the regulation. BRILLIANT.

Swale is sponsored by the?New York Foundation for the Arts and A Blade of Grass non-profits. The artists behind Swale are throwing out the ideas that utopian ideals?can’t come to fruition, and that healthy food is a luxury and not a basic human right.

“Swale brings us one step closer to transforming our city from dependence on large-scale supply chains with little accountability, to one that strives for community interdependence,” their website reads. “It’s a call to action, a?vision of what a New York City of the future could be. By bringing together groups from varying backgrounds, we will create an environment that works together to find new ideas and answers to food security.”?

?Swale will grow produce in soil and will use a system that?sucks?up river water, desalinates and purifies it with marsh plants and two large filters. That water?is then used to?irrigate the plants.

Swale could use your help will fundraising so please make a donation if you can here, even if it’s only $5:

2.) Want to enjoy an amazing farm-to-wok dining experience with some seriously cool people? Join Westchester’s favorite foodie IntoxiKate on Tuesday, May 3 at WUJI Restaurant’s newest location in RYE and live life deliciously.

Remember it’s for cool people ONLY… so everyone is invited! These events are super fun and Kate is very inviting, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to get out, meet new people and enjoy some great local food.

Get details and your tickets by clicking below:


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