How Much It Will Snow in Westchester?; Women’ Equality Act Laws Take Effect

Here’s what’s happening today, Jan. 22, in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.)?No need to rush to the grocery store today in a panic. There is no major storm headed our way! Westchester will see some snowfall on Saturday, it just won’t be more?than a foot.

The National Weather Service?has issued a winter storm watch for?Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon when about?2?to 8 inches of snow is expected to fall.

Here’s Accuweather‘s video forecast?on the snowstorm:

Winds are also expected to be heavy, and some coastal flooding could occur.?

Since snow could be heavy and blustery, driving may not be safe. If you can’t avoid travel, here are some tips on how toHow To Drive In The Snow, In A Regular-Ass Car, Without Freaking Out.”


2.) New York became a little bit safer for women this week and more of a place where they are able to thrive. After three years of effort, seven?of the law’s eight provisions in the the Women’s Equality Act took effect on Tuesday.

The laws aim to:

  • End human trafficking
  • Ensure equal pay for equal work
  • Stop sexual harassment in large and small workplaces
  • Make accommodations for pregnant women in the work place
  • Strength protection for domestic violence victims
  • End gender discrimination in pay, employment, housing and credit decision
  • Create better protections for domestic violence victims

Get details on these here in the Hudson Valley News Network. These laws will effect employers, so you may want to check out this Lexology article on what employers obligations are in regards to the Women’s Equality Act.


3.)?Today’s headlines:

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