5 Weird Myths People Believed About Women’s Bodies; More

Here’s what’s happening today, Jan. 21, in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) Though we’re waiting for some snow this weekend, spring and prom season will be here before you know it. You have the power to make a Westchester teen’s prom one of the most memorable nights of their lives thanks to Operation Prom, which provides the full prom experience to teens?all over the country.


Operation Prom is accepting donations of prom and formal dresses, tuxedos (only at some locations), jewelry and evening bags (please make sure they are free of major stains and damage). You can click here for their full list of locations. Their Westchester location is Maizie Consignment Boutique at 511 Central Park Ave. in Scarsdale (click here for their hours of operation).

Westchester Woman Noel D’Allacco?Ammirati?started Operation Prom in 2005 with about 10 dresses for Westchester girls and now the organization provides attire and financial assistance to high school graduating seniors across the country so that they can attend prom.

Need a prom dress or tuxedo, or know someone who does? Click here?for the regulations and how to sign up, or attend one of their?events?on April 29 and April 30.


Operation Prom will also host a dress super sale that is open to the public on May 1. Get the details above. Operation Prom also provides mentorship, scholarships and school supplies to high school students. All monetary donations made to Operation Prom goes to fund these initiatives. You can donate here.


2.) Though politicians these days say the darndest things about women’s bodies, most people understand that these myths aren’t medically true. However, even the medical community believed some pretty bizarre things about women’s bodies back in the day.?

A recent article in Bustle highlights “5 Crazy Things People Used to Believe About Women’s Bodies,” which include:

  1. Vaginas Can Grow Teeth That Chomp Off Penises
  2. Masturbation Causes A Flat Chest
  3. Uteruses Can Wander Around The Body
  4. Education Makes Women Infertile
  5. Menstrual Blood Is Poison

Yup… We can’t even decide which is the most ridiculous. Read the article in full here.

3.)?Today’s headlines: