Men Quit Birth Control Study; NY Budget Office: Giving Tax Breaks To Corporations Isn’t Creating Jobs

(This article was originally published on Nov. 2, 2016)

Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman: Men Can’t Handle Male Birth Control, Quit Study; Budget Office: Giving Money to Big Corporations Via Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) Isn’t Creating Jobs in New York; MORE.

1.) For decades the burden to prevent pregnancy has mostly fallen on women to use birth control, despite the negative side effects of using it. Though researchers have come up with an effective male birth control injection, the study on the injections was halted because men suffered some side effects and were acting like cry babies about it.

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The very same side effects women have been enduring since the 60s.

Men said they experienced depression and changes in mood. Other side effects like injection site pain, muscle pain, increased libido, and acne were also reported but researchers said that 39 percent of those cases were unrelated to the injections.

Men can't handle birth control

Male birth control is here, but men won't take it because they can't handle the same side-effect of female birth control that women have been dealing with since the 1960s.

Posted by Slay by Mic on Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The study was cut short after 20 of the study’s 320 participants dropped out. We’re playing the tiniest violin as we list the side effects that women have experienced from taking birth control for years.

According to WebMD, they are:

  • blood clots (such as deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, stroke) which can be fatal
  • lumps in the breast
  • changes in mood or depression
  • Nausea,
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • bloating
  • breast tenderness
  • weight gain/ weight loss
  • hair growth
  • acne
  • swelling of the feet
  • stomach/abdominal pain
  • change in menstrual cycle
  • yellowing eyes/skin
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • shortness of breath
  • vision change, including blindness
  • migraines
“These risks of fertility damage are not fatal risks like the women endure with their birth control,” one of the study’s researchers told CNN. “You have to compare what women are doing in terms of taking hormones with what men are doing in terms of taking hormones. They [women] are taking their life in their hands when they take the hormones. And that needs to be put right up in front when considering the risk.”

On a good note, 75 percent of men said they were still willing to take this form of birth control. You can read more about the study below on CNN:

Male birth control shot found effective, but side effects cut study short

A new hormonal birth control shot for men effectively prevented pregnancy in female partners, a new study found. The study, co-sponsored by the United Nations and published Thursday in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism,tested the safety and effectiveness of a contraceptive shot in 320 healthy men in monogamous relationships with female partners.

2.) Though many Westchester residents live pay check-to-pay check and find the costs for basic needs like health care and education to be a burden, our elected and bureaucratic officials give away millions of our tax dollars to wealthy developers in order to “create jobs.”

The only problem is that they’re not creating jobs, according to the New York State Authorities Budget Office. Some projects have even eliminated jobs.

Though the Avalon-on-the-Sound apartment buildings in New Rochelle got generous property tax breaks for 30 years to help revitalize the city and attract millennials, the project never delivered according to lohud. Regardless, the New Rochelle Industrial Development Agency is still paying them $118,000 a year.

Lohud reports that more than 4,600 deals like this have been arranged in New York State. The New York State Authorities Budget Office recently determined that there is little correlation between private-sector job growth and IDA projects and that one in 10 IDAs that began projects in 2011 fell short on promised jobs five years later.

These deals have taken $34 billion off state, county, local and school tax rolls in 2015, which leaves taxpayers to foot the rest of the state’s budget cost.

“The IDA is a tool that has perhaps outlived its usefulness,” said Michael Farrar, director of the Authorities Budget Office. “The bottom line is looking at the number of economic development entities, the number of new projects by IDAs and the change in private-sector growth. And, looking at those factors, its hard to see a relationship.

IDAs were authorized in 1969 to boost economic development by offering private companies financial incentives to build, expand or state in the region. In addition to offering tax exemptions, IDAs can even seize property through eminent domain.

Those who are for IDA deals say they are crucial for retaining businesses in New York, revitalizing areas and creating jobs.

“Very few projects of any significance are done in New York, completed in New York, without a local partner and a state partner providing assistance in some way,” said Brian McMahon, executive director of the New York State Economic Development Council. “That partnership is essential in economic development in New York state and, typically, the local partner is an IDA.”

Read the excellent report from lohud journalists Jorge Fitz-Gibbon and Mark Lungariello below:

Millions in breaks for IDAs, but few jobs

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