Find Your Spiritual Self

By: Blu Butterfly

The following post is by Spiritual Enlightenment Coach Blu Butterfly

Photo by Yolanda Perez

A spiritual state and presence of mind can come from knowing there is something bigger than us and that we are all connected on the planet Earth or that every living thing co-exists on a concrete level while there is an energetic, vibrational ebb and flow in nature.

Our spiritual, sacred selves can contribute to the attainment of our dreams and desires when we exhibit the virtue of kindness, engage in positive thoughts, and practice visualization exercises.

If we make deliberate choices and have awareness of our circumstances, life can be easier at times. Getting to know ourselves by spending time quietly alone and gaining insight into our mind’s thoughts may reveal answers to us.

Consciously ask yourself, Why do I frequently think of? Take a moment to slow down your behavior in everyday life, giving awareness to the subtle messages the universe is sharing with you. These messages can be a pathway for your internal guide.

Embrace your authentic self and search for your meaning of life and the purpose of your existence. I believe in looking beyond the surface to the beauty of nature and its miracles may open your eyes to another world.

The mood and feelings you experience when watching the sunlight glisten on the water at the beach, seeing a colorful field of flowers, or observing the energy of a waterfall may transform you. All living things are unique and beautiful in their own way. Pay tribute to our Earth, land, and water. Cherish the wildlife, birds, insects, and fish.

We are able to connect to our spiritual essence by listening to our hearts. How can you tap into your essence? Begin each day by stating to yourself, I love you, and in the evening, end with a gratitude prayer to the universe. A spiritual mindset of love, forgiveness, joy, hope, kindness, and compassion is healing to your well-being.

Being a spiritual person will align you with your own inner light and divine spirit, cultivating a peaceful, calm, and serene existence.

Photo by Paul Moore Studio

Suggestions for opening up your spiritual senses:

Drink water, cleanse yourself with water in a bath or shower.
Swim in a pool, lake, or ocean.
Eat a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables.
Listen to a guided meditation.
Take a daily dose of time outdoors or walk alone in nature.
Spend thirty minutes alone in a quiet space at home.
Ground yourself by placing your bare feet on the roots of a tree and your hands on the trunk. Ask for guidance.
Speak and demonstrate only kindness to others.
Release anxiety and stress through words or by keeping a personal journal.
Hug a friend, laugh, or smile to lift up your mood.
Plant a vegetable, herb, or flower garden.
Write down your dreams every morning.
Try a healing treatment to open and align your chakras: Reiki, acupuncture, or vibrational healing.
Collect colorful gemstones known for their healing properties.

*This article was originally post on July 26, 2018

Blu Butterfly, a Spiritual Enlightenment Coach, Certified Intuitive, Author of The White Light Prophecies, and the host of ButterflyTV. Blu is dedicated to kindness, positive outcomes, and helping people.