Gillibrand Asks You To Support Family Act; Avoid the ‘Grandparent Scam’

Here’s what’s happening today, Jan. 14 in the 914:

1.) With the changing dynamic of having a two-working parent household,?President Barack Obama called?for more workplace flexibility and paid leave for working families during his State of the Union address.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand?is urging Americans to ask Congress to pass her bill the Family Act, which would achieve the President’s goals.?

You can click here to read a summary and full text of the bill, and above to sign the petition urging Congress to pass the act.

2.) If someone calls you claiming to be your grandchild stuck in a foreign country asking for money, or if the caller threatens to harm your grandchildren they claim to have captive for money then you’re probably being preyed upon by a perpetrator of the “grandparent scam.

The Yonkers Police Department recently saved a 79-year-old from being scammed for $2,000 (you can read the details by clicking above) and are encouraging Westchester residents to be wary of the scheme.


3.)?Today’s headlines:

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