Emma Westchester Founders Are Women First, Mothers Too

What you read is what you get, when you actually meet the Westchester women behind Emma Westchester in person.

Erin Baker and Shawna Lubner’s lifestyle blog is an absolute embodiment of their personalities. Within 15 minutes of meeting them, you’re already eating the most delicious lunch at a beautiful local restaurant (Lillys in White Plains is gorgeous and the food is amazing); they’ve told you three good stores where you can shop for spring shoes, and a cool event you could take the kids to this weekend.

“We love meeting new people. We love having new experiences and we love people coming to us, and asking us where to go and what to do,” says Lubner, who also works in the telecommunications industry and lives in Eastchester with her husband and 10-year-old son.

Though Baker and Lubner are both mothers they see themselves as women first, and created their website for “Moms Like Us.”

Moms who do not define themselves strictly as moms. Who are women first, who enjoy quality experiences, unique brands, and humorous moments in life.

We're not sure which one is Erin and which one is Shawna! Credit: Emma Westchester
Credit: Emma Westchester

Emma Westchester is where you go to find out about the best things Westchester and NYC has to offer women.

Where to go on a girl’s night out; the new boutique where you’ll find the perfect gift for that baby shower; where to get nice photos of the kids taken; and places to go on vacation or for a mini getaway.

Emma Westchester started as a passion project for Baker, who also lives in Eastchester with her husband and two children. It wasn’t until she joined forces with Lubner that the blog became a business in 2014.

“We are like yin and yang,” says Baker, a former Eastchester elementary school teacher. “I’m the creative one, and she’s the business one. It [Emma Westchester] is a shared voice, but as different as we are, we’re always on middle ground.”

She isn’t lying. While Baker, a fourth-generation Westchester native, was gifting the most adorable Emma Westchester swag bag you have ever seen (nail file, headphones, makeup case, lip gloss = soooo cute!!!); Baker, who was raised on the West Coast, had to twice remind her friend that the parking meter was almost up and then offered to go put money in it for her BFF and partner.

They perfectly balance each other out.

Imagine if you started a business with your bestie where your job was to have fun experiencing things most people other counties don’t even have access to? That’s what they did.

These ladies truly love being the go-to girls for the latest NOW thing in Westchester, and Emma Westchester does not disappoint.

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