Chocolate Truck Coming to Westchester (This is NOT a Drill); Weight Discrimination in the Workplace; Who Shattered the Glass Ceiling Tuesday


Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:?Chocolate Truck Coming to Westchester (This is NOT a Drill); Weight Discrimination in the Workplace; Who Shattered the Glass Ceiling Tuesday; NY Prepares For Legal Pot in MA; MORE.

Thank you and Happy Veterans Day to those who’ve served

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1.) A truck that delivers chocolate and our second fav coffee is on its way to becoming a reality in Westchester. This is NOT a drill people (or one of our PMS fantasies)… it’s totally a real thing.

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Maria Valente,?the brilliant woman behind Mamaroneck’s Chocolations, is raising funds on iFundWomen, a crowdfunding site for women-owned business, for an eco-friendly vehicle that serves her chocolate, hot chocolate and coffee, as well as other gourmet snacks.

Chocolations – Fund Our Campaign On iFundWomen

Hi! My name is Maria Valente and I am the owner of Chocolations, an artisan chocolate shop in Mamaroneck, NY. I have owned a shop for 10 years. We have received national recognition as well from the New York Times and The Today Show.


Valente, who is a Women’s Enterprise Development (WEDC) graduate and 2016 914 Inc. Women in Business Awards winner, says she envisions that her truck will help families warm up while at their local soccer or football games.

You can donate to her fundraiser by Feb. 14 and read more about her efforts below:

Mamaroneck’s Chocolations Vies For Food Truck With Crowdsourcing Outreach

MAMARONECK, N.Y. — Maria Valente’s kids may be grown but she still vividly recalls sitting on the sidelines of many a soccer game stone cold and wishing a food truck would come by with hot coffee or cocoa.Now, she’s trying to turn that …

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2.) A recent study at?Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law?suggests that size does matter and fat shaming is actually a thing when it comes to employment and income for women.

According to, the study found that individuals are less likely to be employed and earn lower wages when they are considered overweight. And that it’s even worse for women than it is for men.

“Obese women are about 5 percent less likely to work in public-facing jobs than are non-obese women, Jennifer Bennett Shinall, Assistant Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University, said. The few obese women working in public-facing jobs earn less than non-obese women for performing the same job.

A Plus-Size Woman’s Reality: Higher Workplace Discrimination, Lower Paycheck

by DANA MELTZER ZEPEDA Oct 31 2016 Nobody wants to get ahead solely because of the way she looks at work. But, on the flip side, fat-shaming is still commonplace in American culture, which may explain why so many women feel pressured to diet and exercise their way to a size zero in order to climb the corporate ladder.

My study suggests that weight discrimination may be yet another form of sex discrimination in the workplace, says Shinall. Even when they do hire heavier women for public-facing jobs, employers pay these women less. The same is not true for men. Employers may be concerned that customers place a greater emphasis on women’s appearances and, thus, will be less inclined to do business with a company if the face of that company is a heavier female.


3.) Today’s headlines:

6 Women Who Did Shatter the Glass Ceiling Last Night

Despite Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to Donald Trump, Democratic women made history Tuesday night. Not only will the newly elected Senate have more women than ever before, but three of those new female senators are women of color – that brings the number of female minority senators to four.

NY braces for legal marijuana in Massachusetts

A marijuana blunt is passed from one friend to another Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in San Francisco. Prop 64 legalizing marijuana for recreational use passed in California. The number of Americans living in states with recreational marijuana more than tripled after at least three states voted to fully legalize the drug.

Clearwater music festival to return June 17-18

The festival was canceled in 2016 due to the organization’s financial challenges Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, an annual weekend music festival, will return to Croton Point Park on June 17-18 after a year’s hiatus. Last summer’s festival was canceled amid financial woes for the Clearwater organization, which also operates the sailing vessel known as Clearwater.