Protestors, the USDA and the Royal Hanneford Circus; Media Coverage of Indian Point

Here’s what’s happening Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) When the circus comes to town in Westchester, so do the protestors. The Royal Hanneford Circus’ show at the Westchester County Center this past weekend was no exception.

But according to?Kiley Blackman, the protest’s organizer, this time animal welfare organizations’ allegations of animal cruelty and abuse are being backed by the federal government. The United States?Department of Agriculture cited the Royal Hanneford Circus for a violation of the Animal Welfare Act in Aug. 2015.?Blackman outlines the allegations of abuse in her letter to White Plains Patch below:

This weekend was the 41st year that Royal Hanneford Circus has brought their show to the Westchester County Center in White Plains.


2.)?The national and local media dont seem to be on the same page recently when it comes to the level of severity of recent?radioactive contaminant leaks?into the groundwater at Indian Point. While the national media has called the site a “cancer cluster,” which they likened to?Chernobyl, the local media seems a lot less panicked.

Here’s what we mean:


3.)?Today’s headlines:


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