The Epidemic of Female Guilt; Tarrytown Woman’s ‘Human Investment’ Wins Best Documentary


Here’s what’s happening?Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) The day has come ladies. It’s time to stop the guilt.

According to Elite Daily, 96% of women feel guilt at least once a day. Whether it’s feeling guilty about being a working mom; not being a working mom; eating those fries; or not spending enough time with family and friends about 50% of women lose sleep over their guilt.

Here’s the full article:

Elite Daily’s advice? Give up the notion of being perfect. No one is, and neither are you, and that’s OK! Also, do you! Unapologetically, do you! Here are some other tips on how to free yourself of guilt:


2.) Congratulations to Sherry Saturno of Tarrytown! Her documentary “Human Investment” won the National Media Award for 2016 Best Documentary Film from the National Association of Social Workers.

Saturno, who has a very long list of accolades, says her film explores what draws?health care professionals to their line of work?.

What drives a substantial number of dedicated professionals to invest themselves in the humanity of care? This short film explores through a collection of interviews what motivates others to provide human investment and advocate for societal change.

3.)?Today’s headlines:
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