Town Threatens to Shut Down North White Plains’ The Little Spot


This is not a drill. North White Plains’ good old iconic American restaurant, The Little Spot, is facing foreclosure. got tipped off to the fact after the Route 22 roadside food shack made a post on Facebook?asking for help in preventing the Town from shutting the restaurant?down. The post, which was removed, claimed that the Town refused them?a payment extension for back owed taxes, even though they offered?95% of it.

However, the Town says this isn’t so.

They say that The Little Spot‘s owner hasn’t paid taxes since 2009 and owes?$394,960. The Town said they’d be happy to work with the owner, but at this point they have to proceed with foreclosure.?In The Little Spot‘s original post they asked for political or financial assistance, and?are now thanking everyone for their ideas and support.

Hopefully a miracle will come through for one of Westchester’s most beloved eateries. The Little Spot has been the go-to destination for hot dogs, burgers and fries for the past 62 years. If you can offer help or suggestions, send them an inbox message on Facebook.

Until then you better get your fill on this stuff while you can, just in case:


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