What You Love + What the World Needs: Advice From a Westchester Woman

(Originally published on December 12, 2018)

Want to be successful, happy, and awesome at life? Here’s some advice from a Westchester Woman:

When Dr. Susan G. Letcher was a girl, she’d sit in her mother’s garden and wonder how and why the flowers and plants would grow.

Now the Pleasantville resident and scientist spends time trying to avoid sharp brambles, killer ants, and other deadly creatures while studying the rapid growth rate of Costa Rica’s rainforests and how the data can be used to mitigate climate change.

The SUNY Purchase environmental studies professor says this was the key to making her scientific adventures a reality:

“A piece of advice I try to pass on to my students is to look for an intersection for what you love and what the world needs,” said Letcher. “And that’s where you can make the best life. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

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