The Women Bloggers of Westchester; Slow Down! Speed Detectors Are Coming to NY


Here’s what’s happening?Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) Our amazing lady friends at Emma Westchester paid tribute to some of Westchester’s fantastic female bloggers, and Westchester Woman is honored to be on that list!

From where to eat, where to shop, where to hang out and vacation Westchester?women bloggers have it all for you!?We are so excited to share this with you:


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2.) New York is upgrading their speed detecting devices and is spending $343,000 to outfit?235 departments with new radar units. According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s website, there were more than 28,000 vehicle crashes in New York during 2014 were attributed to speed, with 280 of them resulting in death and another 1,661 resulting in serious injury.

Here are the details:


3.)?Today’s headlines:

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