STFU! Miley Cyrus Was Spotted in White Plains


Sorry for the headline if abbreviated cursing offends you (front door?), but we are FREAKING out right now.

The Journal News is reporting that Miley Cyrus was spotted in the?fair Westchester city of White Plains last night. And there’s a selfie to prove it:

Apparently, she was seen in Whole Foods and it isn’t the first time she’s been seen there. LoHud got an interview with Pedro Jacinto who is seen above in the selfie, you can read it here.

Normally we don’t freak out over celebrity sightings, but we LOVE Miley. Why??Because she is unabashedly herself… no matter what. And doesn’t care what you think.

And she sings like this:

Here’s the full video, it’s low quality but?she’s?still that good regardless:


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