Simple Abundance Spells for Rapid Money Manifestation Using Items You Already Have at Home

When it’s time to jumpstart the flow of abundance in our lives, it helps to perform rituals to seed an abundance mindset in our consciousness. The key to any manifestation is belief. Performing abundance spells and using money manifestation techniques provide a physical way to solidify our belief and help attune our minds and behaviors to the vibration of the universe’s natural state of abundance. It’s an affirmation of abundance.

Westchester Woman has compiled our favorite rituals to attract abundance. These simple abundance spells are perfect for opening the flow of abundance in your mind to help you achieve rapid money manifestation at any time.

Shoe Abundance Ritual

For this ritual, you’ll need a coin, red string, bay leaf, marker, perfume, and your shoe. Write the amount of money you want on your bay leaf and place a coin over it. Tie the coin in place with a red string and spray it with your perfume.

Recite the following: “I have absolute faith that this money will come to me through any means without harming anyone. So mote it be.” Put the tied-up leaf and coin inside of a left shoe that you don’t regularly wear and forget about it. Get more details in the video below:

Bay Leaf Abundance Spells

Bay leaves are a great medium to help with money manifestation and blocking negativity. They can even help you to manifest money while you sleep. Check out the video below for various abundance spells using bay leaves.

Rosemary Wreath for Attracting Abundance

Not only does rosemary smell amazing and flavor your food but it can help usher in abundance and protection. Watch the video below for details on making a rosemary wreath for attracting abundance and protection.

Wealth and Money Mindset Grid

This gets down to the nuts and bolts of manifestation. It helps clear out abundance blocks in your mind and focus on the emotions and thoughts you need to harbor to manifest your desires or a set amount of money. Get the details in the video below.

Leaf Money Manifestation

This is one of the abundance spells that couldn’t be easier. All you need is a leaf and a Sharpie marker.

First of the Month Cinnamon Ritual

We are obsessed with cinnamon for a variety of reasons. One of them being that it aids in the attraction of money into your home. This cinnamont ritual can be done on the first of the money to continually bring abundance in your home. Learn more below.

How to Use Cinnamon to Attract Abundance and Prosperity Into Your Home
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