Sex Work Paying For NY Students’ Tuition; Family Justice Center [VIDEO]

Here’s what’s happening Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) According to?The Village Voice, while administrators at?NYU have taken kickbacks from student loan companies, spent funds on frivolous real estate, treated their higher-ups to vacation homes and high salaries in recent years?Johanna, a woman they recently interviewed, and other?New York students?have entered?the field of sex work to pay their tuition and other bills.

The Village Voice says that thousands of New York students, including students at?Westchester colleges, are turning to sex work as a means of paying for their?exorbitant tuition costs. Read the full story below:


2.) CBS New York recently profiled the Westchester Family Justice Center for their role in giving domestic violence survivors a day of pampering, as well as services to help them?create new lives. Check out their video below:

3.)?Today’s headlines:

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