Love and Healing for Tao Porchon-Lynch; NY Women Head to D.C. For Supreme Court Abortion Ruling


Here’s what’s happening?Today in the 914,?according to Westchester Woman:

1.) Westchester’s yogi community is reaching out to support the world’s oldest yoga teacher, Westchester woman?Tao Porchon-Lynch. A GoFundMe page, Tao’s Community of Love & Healing, is raising donations?for the 97-year-old yoga master. The page’s message reads:

“Our magical, world traveling Tao has been recently sidelined. So many have generously asked what they could do to help. We are starting this GoFund Me to ensure that Tao can focus on healing rather than uncovered medical costs. Thank you, in advance, for rallying around this light that has so brightly shined on us all for so long.”


Not only is Porchon-Lynch a yogi master, but she is also a World War II French resistant fighter, YouTube star, author, model, actress, film producer, wine connoisseur, ballroom dancer and was named the world’s oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness World Records in 2012.

For more on her work visit:?

“I don’t believe in age, I think there isn’t anything that we can’t do,” Tao told Westchester Magazine. “I believe nothing is impossible. There’s always something more you can do.”

2.)?As Women’s History Month begins, New York women will head to Washington D.C. today to fight for a woman’s right to have adequate and safe access to abortions.

Today the Supreme Court will weigh in on one route that Republican led states and their candidates have been going to try and restrict access to abortion.

Though states have recently imposed limits on when abortions can be performed and restricting abortion-inducing drugs used in lieu of surgery; the Supreme?Court will weigh in on whether or not Texas can allow a 2013 law to take full effect.

The law requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and prevents abortion clinics from offering services unless they meet the standards of outpatient or ambulatory surgery clinics, according to You can real the full article here.

Before the law was passed there were 40 abortion clinics. Now there are about 20. If the law takes full effect there will be only 10 and no providers in rural areas or west of San Antonio.?Pro-life?supporters say the measure protects women and keeps them safe, while pro-choice supporter argue that the measure only seek to further restrict abortions that are already conducted in a safe manner.


3.) Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, a Democrat, and Mogul Donald Trump, a Republican, won nominations from their parties to run for president last night on Super Tuesday. Get the details here.


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