Leap Day in Westchester; Shop at Athleta in Scarsdale; Don’t Waste Money on Advertising Mixer

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Here’s what’s happening?Today in the 914,?according to Westchester Woman:

1.) Happy extra day of the year… it’s Leap Day! Leap Day, Feb. 29, comes once every four years.?Which means you won’t get to drink this for another four years:

If you’re a fan of?30 Rock, you’ll make sure to wear yellow and blue or risk getting poked in the eye. If you’re lucky, Leap Day William will visit and trade in children’s tears for candy.

Leap Day is a day to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, and to take chances. Here are LoHud’s Leap Day suggestions:


2.) Emma Westchester has the in for you at Scarsdale’s Athleta for an exclusive shopping experience. Join Erin and Shawna for a girl’s evening?out on Friday, March 11 at 4 to 7 p.m. and enjoy some health snacks, raffles and shopping.

Get the details here from Emma Westchester.

3.) Want to learn how to not waste your money on marketing for your small business? Learn the ins and outs from the professionals from Berlin Productions, a leading promotions and marketing agency in Westchester. They’ll explains the steps and strategies to plan targeted and effective marketing campaigns at Live Love Own’s next business mixer on Wednesday, March 2.

Click below for the details:


4.)?Today’s headlines: