What You Need To Know About Your Next Local Handyman

It shouldn't be this hard to find a local handyman!
It shouldn’t be this hard to find a local handyman!

Finding the right home maintenance professional can be an exhausting process. Whether you ask family and friends for recommendations, conduct your own research online, or both, inviting a local handyman into your home isnt as easy as calling a number on a flyer.

Youve certainly heard horror stories of jobs gone bad, prices going off the rails or projects taking double the estimated time to complete. Maybe youve even experienced them yourself. Either way, such negative experiences are enough to dread hiring a handyman altogether, and it certainly makes the search process more daunting.

Theres good reason to be cautious when interviewing potential contractors and handymen. Unfortunately, concerning unlicensed and uninsured operators, so you are absolutely in the right to ask questions, read reviews, conduct Google searches, request references and get feedback from friends and neighbors. The network and resources are certainly there to have confidence before you hire.

Even though the process can be frustrating at times, theres no question that its extremely important to do your due diligence before hiring a new local handyman. With a bit of legwork, you can find a professional who you can call upon whenever you need home maintenance, from minor wood rot repair to emergency service.

The best local handyman wont just be courteous, professional and timely. He or she will meet several important qualifications which indicate honesty and trustworthiness off the bat.

  • This local handyman will have a license and insurance. Having a license and insurance is a safety net in case anything goes wrong on the job. In Westchester County, all contractors and handymen must be licensed and they are required to file for permits for certain jobs. A quick online search will detail the licenses expiration date and the handymans phone number.
  • They will share clear and honest pricing. The last thing you want is a surprise bill at the end of a job. Clear pricing, either through a detailed estimate or a set packaged price, is an indicator that your handyman is honest.
  • References will be readily available. Your prospective handyman should be proud of his or her work. If theres a delay when you ask to speak with a previous customer, find a handyman who will share references without hesitation.
  • The online reviews will be mostly positive. One or two negative reviews is common in the service industry and can typically be overlooked when there are plenty of other four and five-star reviews. However, common critiques about lateness or messy conditions, for example, can be indicative of an unfavorable work ethic.
  • Theyll accept multiple payment methods. A paper trail in the form of a cashed check or credit card statement can are important to prove that work was paid for, and your handyman should understand that. Untraceable, cash-only work could indicate some funny business going on behind the scenes.
  • They wont pressure you into a sale. A good, reliable local handyman will never strongarm you into signing on the dotted line. If they try to speed up the process through promise of cost-cutting or other hard-to-believe deals, keep looking.

Searching for the right handyman isnt just a one-time deal. Laying the correct foundation from the get-go will build a long-lasting relationship with a professional who you can trust to complete all the jobs, big and small, which add up around your home. You can call the same home maintenance company for a routine HVAC inspection, a last-minute emergency repair or a basement remodel and know that youre getting a qualified professional every time.


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