Guide to New Year’s in Westchester; The ‘Most Powerful Woman in the World’

Here’s what’s happening today, Dec. 29?in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) It’s almost time to ring in the New Year! Here’s everything you’ll need to know about New Year’s in Westchester:

2.)?The most powerful woman in the world is not alive today, and some believe she’s never existed at all. Well that’s if you’re asking National Geographic. If you’re asking Forbes, the most powerful woman in the world is?German Chancellor?Angela Merkel.

But in this month’s issue, National Geographic has named the Virgin Mary “The Most Powerful Woman in the World. December’s cover story discusses how the”Queen of Heaven and Earth” became celebrated throughout the world, despite barely speaking in the Bible, with breathtaking photos and a map of Mary sightings.

National Geographic Channels Explorer series also aired?The Cult of Mary on Sunday, Dec. 13, which delves into?Mary devotion around the world today.?Here’s the trailer with comments from photographer Diana Markosian on her experience working on the project:


3.) Today’s headlines: