Gloria Steinem: When Someone Calls You a Bitch, Say Thank You; National Color Day; Spanish Language Interpreters Needed – Today, Oct. 22 in the 914

1.) Happy?National Color Day!?National Calendar Day’s website tell us that today?we celebrate the power of color and its influences on our mood, productivity and behavior. Color has been used by companies to get us to buy products, in therapy, and as a way to express our individuality.

Here’s NCD’s color chart:

  • Red:Excitement Love Strength
  • Yellow:Competence Happiness
  • Green:Good Taste Envy Relaxation
  • Blue:Corporate High Quality
  • Pink:Sophistication Sincerity
  • Violet/Purple:Authority Power
  • Brown:Ruggedness
  • Black:Grief Fear
  • White:Happiness Purity.

Hmmm, I think a little yellow is in order today. Wear something vivid today and show your true colors!

2.)?When someone calls you a bitch, Gloria Steinem says you should say thank you.?Yesterday,?Cosmopolitan published an article?with the feminist of all feminists who said that while being an ambitious women is easier in today’s world and “less scary” to society, but women are still expected to shut their mouths and “be good.”

“Within my memory, the very idea that a woman would “go to business,” as they would have said in the suburbs, rather than be a housewife and mother, was a bad thing,” Steinem tells Cosmopolitan. “So I think it’s changed a lot. Still, if you don’t play a submissive role, if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, you get to be a loud black woman or a bitchy white woman.”

Her solution? Say thank you! In her words it, “totally disarms them. They don’t know what to do.”

“We have to call them on it. If you call them on it, it changes people’s heads.”

This article is a MUST READ! You can read it in?Cosmopolitan?by clicking below:

3.)?Westchester County is looking for?Spanish language interpreters for the VCS Domestic Violence Program for men. This is a part-time position at $20 an hour.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Interpret between an English speaking registrar, registering a Spanish speaking person
  • Interpret during a 1? hour Domestic Violence Program for Men session

Here’s when you’ll be doing it:

  • Wednesdays,?6:00 8:00 pm, Yonkers, NY
  • Fridays,?11:00 1:00 pm, White Plains, NY

The position is open to all people and there are no formal education requirements. Training will be provided. Call?(845) 634-5729? x.312?for more information.

4.) Today’s headlines:

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