Festivus Was Born in Westchester; Things Daughters of Strong Women Know

Here what’s happening today, Dec. 23 in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) Happy Festivus for the rest of us!? Today is Festivus, a holiday celebrated on Dec. 23 popularized by?Seinfeld‘s Frank Costanza. How do you celebrate Festivus?

By mocking the excessive commercialism of Christmas with an aluminum pole, by airing your grievances and engaging in feats of strength. Check out the video below:

Did you know that, according to Westchester Magazine, Festivus was created right here in Westchester!?!

Chappaqua native Dan O’Keefe, a former writer for?Seinfeld?and?The?Drew Carey Show, told Westchester Magazine that his father Daniel, a longtime editor at?Reader’s Digest, came up with the idea in the mid 60s and passed it down to his three sons.

Read the whole story on the history of Festivus here (make sure you scroll down).

People love Festivus in Westchester so much that there’s even an aluminum pole erected on Warburton Ave. in Hastings-on-Hudson to commemorate the holiday.

2.) Strong mothers make strong daughters?and Huffington Post put together a list of?Things Daughters of Strong Women Know. Click below to read it and pass it on to a girl or woman you know:


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