The End of an Era for Women in NY, NJ – Joyce Leslie Closes Its Doors


It’s the end of an era for women in Westchester and in NY, NJ, CT and PA. ?Joyce Leslie stores are closing their doors for good.

The first Joyce Leslie opened in Brooklyn in 1945 to sell women’s dresses, and?is named?after the owner’s daughter.?New Jersey 101.5 reports that the retailer will shutter?all?42 shops that sell high-fashion knockoffs in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and?Pennsylvania.

Some of their locations will stay open until their leases are up.

Though the bright yellow neon sign remains above their storefront at the White Plains (Greenburgh) location,?they are no longer selling their colorful spandex and synthetic fiber fashions.

Need a hug? Us too.?We feel your pain!

And all of these gifs are?totally how we feel about it.


But let us not dwell in grief… no. Let us?celebrate the glory that was Joyce Leslie.

Before there was Rainbow?or Forever 21 in Westchester, there was Joyce Leslie. It was where your mom took you for school shopping as a tween; where you would go to grab that last-minute outfit to wear to the club when you were?in college; and where you now buy stuff for your?teen, while grabbing a little something for yourself.

Joyce Leslie, also?simply known as “Joyce” or “JL,” was where you discovered your own fashion sense. Where you started picking out your?own clothes and decided what you?wanted to wear and look like.?It was the first place you’d find that latest fashion trend for any season.

Remember these? Behold the platform sneaker in all its 90s glory.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.29.33 PM

Can you believe these bad Larrys?still sell?on Amazon for between $20 and $70?

Joyce Leslie is also the spot where you’d find that outfit to give you a?confidence boost or make you feel sexy and risqu? (meow!).


Showstopper!!!! Damn Joyce Leslie! Day-am!

Do you have $100? At Joyce Leslie, you’re GD?queen. JL is always good for that?$5 shirt or tank top you end up wearing to death.?This is how many bags you come out with when you shop at Joyce Leslie. Every… single… time. Never fails!


Joyce Leslie also showed us that the naked?body is not shameful and that women come in all shapes and sizes.

You had no choice but to come face to face with this fact at Joyce Leslie because their dressing room had no?doors and?forced you to undress in front of complete strangers.

What was up with that? You know you’ve seen some SH*T in that dressing room. We’ll never know?why they couldn’t at least sew a couple of old dresses?they didn’t sell together and use them as curtains.?Even so, you braved the experience to make sure you looked really cute on your birthday or appropriate for your interview.

The VERY best thing about Joyce Leslie was that it was quick. You didn’t have to schlep through the mall. At Joyce Leslie’s stand alone location, you’re in, you’re out and boom you’re done.

Rest in peace Joyce Leslie. Thank you for being convenient and affordable, while making us feel beautiful, comfortable and happy to be women.

Here are some of the best Joyce Leslie memories from Westchester women:

Aly😕printed polyester button up short sleeve shirts with a collar. Synthetic knit neon sweaters. Platform chunky shoes.?

Nina:?Always knowing you could go there for any last-minute outfit needs, usually they had what you were looking for in all seasons. I used to love buying the platform sneakers by Soda and Volatile and 4 for $10 undies!!!

Angie: He he last-minute club outfit …. I actually have a pair of shoes still moccasins I purchased years ago

Lianne: I have a dress I bought from there recently lol loves that place

What are your favorite Joyce Leslie memories? What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought there? Tell us in the comments?

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