County Referendum on Ballot; Eileen Fisher’s Mother Daughter Workshop; Peekskill Zombie Crawl

Here’s what’s happening today in the 914:

1.) Tuesday, Nov. 3?is election Day in Westchester and on the ballot you’ll find a referendum asking voters to approve or disapprove a measure that would give the Westchester Board of Legislators and the public more time to review the County budget before a vote goes through.

To accomplish this, the referendum would change the dates that the County Executive has to submit the capital budget to the BOL from Nov. 15 to Oct. 10, and the the operating budget from Nov. 15 to Nov. 10. Get more info here.

This is the first time a referendum has been put on the ballot in 15 years.

2.) Want to hang out with Eileen Fisher, Westchester’s eco-friendly fashion designer and champion of sustainability? Well, she wants to hang out with you!

Join me and my favorite five teachers for a series of live-changing workshops.
I look forward to welcoming you.”

Eileen Fisher hosts a series of events at her Learning Lab in Irvington, which she describes as “a place to try on new ways of being.”

Tonight kicks off the Learning Lab’s mothering and daughtering weekend with a free discussion at 7 p.m. Click here for the details on this weekend’s event and here for future events.

3.)?Today’s headlines:


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