A DIY Guide to Throwing a Superhero Birthday Party


My son loves DC Comics’ Batman, so this year for his fourth birthday we had a superhero themed family party at the?house.?Its always nice to add your own custom touch to things, especially when planning your childs birthday party. There are so many things you can do on your own without spending a lot of money.

Store bought sign.
My store bought sign.

While I did have some store bought?Batman theme favors, I did make?some DIY favors to create a?customized?theme:

Gotham City Backdrop:?? I used poster board in black and yellow, cut out a city back drop and added some yellow rectangles for the windows. Then I used?yellow poster board and a mini?tissue fan and glued the Batman symbol on it for the call sign. It came out awesome! It’s pictured below.

Batman Birthday Party

Name Banner: I found pre-cut banner flags in yellow at Michaels, I took black sticker letters and attached them to the flags. I punched some holes and hung with black ribbon. I used my banner to personalize the party with my son Salvatore’s name as you can see above.

Center Piece:?I purchased a yellow Mason jar, filled it with crinkle paper, then glued two cutouts from a party pack I purchased at the party store to funky straws. Add some black ribbon,?curl the ends with a scissor?and there you have it!

The adorable centerpiece I made.

Table Covers: Wrapping paper is a great way to add pattern and color to a party! I used it as a runner, ?you can see what it looks like above. I also got plates, cups, and napkins in coordinating colors.

Themed signs/ water bottle labels:?These are pretty simple to do, and you dont need fancy software. I just create an image on Microsoft Word?and print them.?I usually find images online.

The make-your-own sundae station sign.

I cut out my images and glued them on to colored card stock for signs. Same goes for the water bottle wrappers,.





Party Game: I printed out large faces of all the villains and taped them to paper towel rolls. The kids got to throw bean bag balls at them and knock all the villains down for prizes. They had a great time playing this game!


Favors:?I ordered capes and masks for the kids to wear at the party and take home as a favor, and made them goody bags. They were solid colored yellow bags and then cut out batman symbols that I printed off of the computer and glued them on.



You can do this for just about any superhero or “it” character your child is into. Hope this has inspired you to be a little crafty at your childs next birthday party!

Angelina Russo is a?Mamaroneck mother of a 4-year-old, with another on the way. She’d?love to see your own creations and answer your questions, send her?an email at?angelinarusso1111@gmail.com.


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Angelina Russo

Angelina Russo is a Westchester interior designer and a Mamaroneck mother of a 4-year-old, with another on the way. Shed love to see your own creations and answer your questions, send her an email at angelinarusso1111@gmail.com.