6 Westchester Nail Salons That Don’t Exploit Their Employees

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Credit: Chance Agrella via FreeRange

After the eye-opening New York Times expos?,?“The Price of Nice Nails” on the nail salon industry’s failure to provide safe working conditions and adequate pay, both New York and New Jersey sprung into action to investigate the claims and implement safe guards to protect nail salon employees.

According to nj.com, New York discovered 1,799 violations in 755 salons (or 22% of the state’s 3,300 salons) as of July.

Do you want to ensure your money is going to a salon that treats their employees like human beings? Follow these steps:

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Please be on a look out for these things and ask questions at your local nail salon to keep our Westchester nail salon?workers (many of them who are women) safe.

Here are six?salons that in Westchester told LoHud.com all of their employees are licensed and on the books:

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