NY’s Minimum Wage Goes Up; Random Acts of Fruitcake

Here’s what’s happening today, Jan. 31 in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.)?New York is among 16 states who will raise their minimum wage today or tomorrow. Minimum wage workers will get a $.25 increase to $9 per hour today; and fast-food workers will now receive $10.50 in New York City and $9.75?in the rest of the state. Restaurant and other tipped workers will now make $7.50 per hour.

2.) Inspired by?Truman Capote’s autobiographical tale, “A Christmas Memory,” one Nyack resident is celebrating small?acts of kindness in her town with… fruitcake. Find out how you can nominate your neighbor for their kindness here.

3.) Today’s headlines:





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