Hulda, the Witch That Put a Spell on Sleepy Hollow, Healed Her Neighbors and Fought in the Revolutionary War

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In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving claimed that Sleepy Hollow was?bewitched by a High German doctor?and legend has it that the doctor was a woman and a witch.

Hulda the Witch was known as a local healer in Sleepy Hollow that died in battle during the Revolutionary War fighting the British and is now honored at an annual ball.

According who references an account from Sleepy Hollow Master Storyteller Jonathan Kruks Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley, Hulda the Witch was first seen in Sleepy Hollow in 1770 and was shunned from her community when the minister of The Old Dutch Churchs?declared her?as a witch and forbid anyone from contacting her.

Hulda, a German name, is also referenced in the Brothers Grimm story Mother Hulda?and is known as a pagan deity from a Germanic tribe that even predates Odin and Thor.?Joe Netherworld, a Poughkeepsie witch and Satanist, references?Tales of the Old Dutch Burial Ground in his YouTube video saying that Hulda was an immigrant from Bohemia.

In Sleepy Hollow, Hulda was said to have been an extraordinary basket weaver (a craft related to witches) and?may have been raised by Native Americans who allegedly kidnapped her as a child, according to? She?is reportedly said to have been able to communicate with them in the language of a lost tribe.

She is believed to have survived isolation from the Sleepy Hollow residents by trading with the Native Americans. Hulda?lived in a hut below Spook Rock at Rockefeller Preserve, which is said to have?possessed sacred powers and was a meeting place for tribal leaders.

Though Sleepy Hollow residents were forbidden from interacting with her, Hulda still?protected her community and would leave baskets of healing herbs at the doors of sick neighbors. she was viewed as the?most competent doctor in the area, and Sleepy Hollow residents would often leave gifts at the door of her Spook Rock hut as a thanks.

Hulda met her demise while leading a battalion?against the British in the forest of Sleepy Hollow.?She was found in the woods of what is now Rockefeller Preserve.?Soldiers planned to leave her body to rot, but decided to take her to Spook Rock where they found a Bible and some gold willed to the widows of the Revolution.

The Old Dutch Church finally agreed to give her an unmarked plot, which according to, is at the north side of the Old Dutch Church.

Krystal Madison the Witch of Sleepy Hollow says on her website from all over the world still search to the cemetery for her unmarked grave.

Madison told Westchester Woman that, “2014 was the first year for Festival of Witches, which I created to both celebrate Hulda’s? life as well as bridge the gap between the Pagan/Witch community?and the local communities in which we live and work. I felt that her story and her legacy didn’t garner the attention it deserved. She died a hero and was given the honor (for the time) of a proper burial in the church grounds of a community?that had essentially shunned her in life. I also created it to show others that witches ARE real, and we are here to serve our communities.”

(Stay tuned for our upcoming Haunted Westchester series on other Westchester legends and players like Krystal the Witch of Sleepy Hollow and Yonkers Ghost?Investigators)

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