Valentine’s Day Letter Learning Lesson/Decoration

I am always looking for cute learning activities for my son, and I found this great website called some awesome Valentine’s Day learning activity ideas. If you subscribe you get access to all types of free printables.

They had these adorable heart print outs with letters and I thought this would be perfect for my little guy.?He loves candy, and it’s a great incentive to get him to learn his letters. I decided to cut the letters to his name since he is currently?learning to write his name, so this was the perfect?activity.



What you need:

  • Cut out the letters from the templates on the website (or improvise!)
  • Glue
  • Conversation candy hearts
  • Cardstock paper or some sort of thick paper


Have your little one dip the hearts in glue and follow the pattern to trace the letters.


While you’re little one learns his or her letters, you can make your own version on a piece of canvas that you can put on display for the holiday.?Use a hot glue gun to secure the candies in the shape of festive phrases like “I Love You!” or “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You can get an idea for what it will look like in this picture below from the folks at


Angelina Russo

Angelina Russo is a Westchester interior designer and a Mamaroneck mother of a 4-year-old, with another on the way. Shed love to see your own creations and answer your questions, send her an email at